Tanggal :September 27, 2020

lmms3. Timing in LMMS

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Change the tempo from 140 beats per minute to 60 beats per minute. This makes it easier to see the timing relations

For the usual time signature of 4/4, 1 beat is now 1 second in duration, and 1-bar is 4-seconds in duration.

Remove the Kicker instrument from Beat + Bassline editor, and add drum sample from My Samples.

Use this pattern for the Beat + Bassline editor and Song Editor. (If the image is too small, you can click to get the original size)

In the Song Editor we can see that bars 2 and 3 and not selected. That corresponds to 8-seconds, from 4 to 12, of silence.

Within the Beat + Bassline editor we can see that samples exist at 0-second, 1-second and 3-second. It should be noted that four position separation in this editor correspond to 1 second time-difference, for a 60 beats per minute tempo.


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