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lmms5. Envelope Settings of the Triple Oscillator

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One of the instruments in LMMS is the Triple Oscillator. It is composed of three audio sources such as 3 sine waves. In the default mode (MIX), the output is just the sum.

You can select the Triple Oscillator from the Instrument plugins, near the My Samples button. A list of instruments will appear and you can drag the Triple Oscillator to the Beat + Bassline Editor. You can remove the Kicker instrument from the Editor if you want.

This is the pattern selected:

By playing it, you will notice the master is clipping often as seen by the reddish colors. By exporting the wav file, you can verify the clipping in Audacity:

A solution is too decrease the time of each note. By clicking on Triple Oscillator in Beat + Bassline Editor, the Triple Oscillator setting dialog appears. Select the ENV/LFO tab, and set the hold to be zero, by changing the HOLD knob.

Now exporting the file, we see that the notes are not touching each other.


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