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lmms6. Multi Beat and Bassline sections

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It is possible to have more that one rhythmic section in Beat + Bassline editor (BB Editor).

Here, we will have three. Three instances of the Triple Oscillator have been moved, from Instrument plugins, to BB Editor and then renamed, to Square, Triangle and Sine, respectively.

This is the for the Square. Osc2 and Osc3 volumes are set to 0 so they do not contribute to the resulting audio, and Osc1 wave is set as Square. Also the CRS (coarse frequency) is set at -24 semitones. This is done so frequency is lower, and the time period is higher.

Likewise, we have changed settings on Triangle and Sine, so only OSC1 is active and is set at the correct waveform shape. The patterns in Song Editor and BB Editor are shown. The other sections of BB Editor have identical pattern, onset at beginning of measure.

We can see that the square is active for first two bars or measures, triangle for the next 2, and sine for the last 2 measures. This is shown here

The selected audio is zoomed in to see that it is indeed triangular:


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