Tanggal :September 27, 2020

pd2. Trigger object in Pure Data

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A trigger object can also use t as abbreviation, as we have used below. b stands for bang, and f for float, and so on. You do not have to use the abbreviated symbols on the object. The number of arguments in the trigger will determine the number of outlets.

The input is either bang object (Ctrl-Shift-B) (on the top left of patch below), or a Number (on the top right of patch below). Whenever either is changed, three different values are printed to console on three different lines.

For example if Number is changed (in Execute mode) to 11 it will add 3 prints (v3: 11, v2: bang, v1: bang). If the bang is clicked (in Execute mode), it prints ( v3: 0, v2: bang, v1: bang). Note the order is from right to left.


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