Tanggal :September 22, 2020

pd21. Subpatch to Save Wave File Audio in Pure Data

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Since we will often want to save the audio output to wav file, it makes sense to write a subpatch for the saving process. This might be for analysis or for input to another application.

Writing a subpatch will save some space on main canvas and abstract some details. There will be three inlets, with two being numeric inputs to the subpatch. The subpatch which will be named savefile. The two numeric parameters are duration of file and number of file, such as in pd1.wav, pd2.wav, etc.

In the main canvas, we have to write pd savefile. Editing this object will bring a new canvas where we have the components shown below.

In the next few examples, we will shown how to use this patch. We do not have an outlet, since we have a send.


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