Tanggal :October 25, 2020

pd31. Playing back samples at different rates in Pure Data

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We use the same sample as in the last example, except now only one channel is read. Also the output of soundfiler object, which is the number of samples, 19723 in this case, is used as the send variable samples.

Once the sound is loaded and samples calculated, we can adjust the vertical slider. You should change the slider properties so min is 0.5 and max = 2, or some similar range. This slider controls the duration. Thus 0.5 would correspond to playback at half the time or twice the frequency, that is, up one octave.

Whenever the slider is adjusted, the bang has to be selected so the line~ goes from 1 to samples (19723 here) in the new time and table is read with 4-point interpolation.


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